In the city • @shampoopapiii reppin with his @theblackivy soccer kit #vscocam

Djibouti, by Ferdinando Scianna

Horsemouth, photo courtesy of Vice

The Talented Tenth: Who is Joekenneth?
Joekenneth: I am a complicated man with very simple desires. I’m Brooklyn all the way. It’s all that I know. I’m a person who always critiques himself. Who is always trying to do better. Who always feels the sense to dig deep within himself. I’m a lover, as well. I’m a friend, or I try to be a good one. I’m a creative person who’s trying to find my way, but at the same time not lose my way because I’m very conscious of my relationship with God. That is a major part of my life.
I think I summed it up in the first sentence though: ‘a complicated person with simple desires’.
Precision • Sam of @artcomesfirst & @armando_cabral #vscocam #rewind

michael comte dutch magazine may/june 2000

michael comte dutch magazine may/june 2000

"Philistines"Jean-Michel Basquiat1982
Between the lines • had the great opportunity to sit and build with @shantell_martins in her downtown studio. Talked about life, art goals and everything alike. Great person. #vscocam
Between the lines II • @shantell_martin #vscocam